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Your PC crashes due to these 6 Surprising reasons

Your PC crashes due to these 6 Surprising reasons


We perfectly understand how annoying this PC crashes are and your urgency to remove them so here in this article I am about to discuss 6 Surprising reasons why your PC crashes and their appropriate solution to it

So here I present the list of 6 Surprising reasons why your PC crashes

1. Hardware conflict

The most probable reason why Windows crashes is hardware conflict. A hardware conflict is an error that occurs when a hardware device in the computer conflicts with other hardware devices IRQs, I/O ports, or DMA. Each hardware is supposed to have a unique IRO no. and faulty installation may lead to PC crash.


The way to check if your computer has a hardware conflict is through the following steps -> Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Device Manager. If you observe a yellow warning logo next to its description in the Device Manager, Highlight it and press Properties to see the IRQ numbers used by your computer. If the IRQ number appears twice, two devices may be using it. Sometimes you may need to reinstall new update or roll back to previous version of driver which the troubleshooter identifies it as faulty drivers to avoid PC crash

2. Viruses 

If you visited any fishy site or downloaded software from unknown publisher or something like that then there is a very high chance that your device has been infected by virus and need urgent attention to the issue. Slow start up and performance or error messages and too much hard drive activity is a sure sign of virus presence.

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You need to scan your complete PC with the antivirus program available to you. You might wanna use Windows defender for that but for even deeper scan we would recommend using paid ones. My personal opinion would be to use malware bytes to get you complete PC scanned and yes there is 14 day free trial to get your work done.


BIOS settings are very sensitive and often little mishap can lead to many unwanted PC problems. You can know the keyboard key to enter BIOS according with the PC brand. A simple google search will do the trick in most of the cases.


It is always a good idea to reset the settings as it were before and yes set the IRQ numbers to Auto in the BIOS. This will allow Windows to allocate the IRQ numbers. Overclocking system processor or RAM causes instability problems, If this is the case that is causing the system to freeze, reset the BIOS settings to default.


Defective RAM can cause all variety of problems. If you’re suffering from frequent PC crashes, freezes, reboots, or Blue Screens of Death, a bad RAM could be the cause of your issues. Sometime in cases of fatal error indicates hardware damage of RAM chip.


Windows comes with its own memory diagnostic tool. Use the Search tool that came with your version of Windows. Search for memory and select Windows Memory Diagnostic. Let it run and troubleshoot the detected problem and then the PC crash issue must be resolved. If problem still persists, visit service center and consult a hardware repair of the RAM.

5. Registry

Did you recently messed some settings of registry or a software did it during installation then you might need to account for registry settings too. Usually registry setting doesn’t create PC crash but it is not out of radar. So you can roll back the recent changes to registry or use the tools give in the solution.


Following are the list of some registry tuneUp tool available in market

6. CPU heating up

There might be some heavy software or huge games which are consuming too much of PC resource even after being minimized. The CPU fans are critical and if they fails or if the CPU gets outdated it may start to overheat and generate PC crashes. If your hear a series of beep sound then the CPU needs to be addressed without delay.


Some of the remedy include to install fans to the TOP of CPU, laptops can overheat simply because they’re placed on the wrong surface and need to placed on solid surface. Also look for disabling the CPU internal cache though it comes at a cost of slow speed.

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These were some of the very common problems which causes frequent errors and crashes. Also the huge possibility of causes is not limited to what as included into the list. So in case if you problem still persists comment down below with detailed description of the problem and I will guide you with the step by step solution to it.

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