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Why Should We Learn To CODE in 2020?

Hi guys, today we’ll just take a quick look at What is coding? Why should we learn to CODE? What are it’s advantages? And the stuff like that…

So let’s get started. If you are new to this topic and haven’t heard about this before then the first thing that comes in your mind is:

What is coding?

Coding is a list of step-by-step instructions that get computers to do what you want them to do. Coding makes it possible for us to create computer software, games, apps and websites. Coders, or programmers, are people who write the programmes behind everything we see and do on a computer.

Coding Potential

But for me it’s like giving someone a command and make it done. It feels like being a BOSS.

Now we know what is coding let’s also see why is important.

Why Should We learn To CODE?
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Why Should We Learn To CODE?

Learning a programming language (coding) is not just fun but important. Just Think for a second, if you want a particular thing let’s say for example an app which could keep your mobile devices safe from anyone who tries to access it. It should just accessed by you by recognise you. Now you have two choices to make.

  1. Either you could wait till that kind of app is been made by any other developer.
  2. Make it yourself.

Now anyone like 80% of the user will choose the first option which is easier than ever. You just need to sit and wait till it’s available to do. But how far will it work for you? If you can do that than I think you got more patience that I do.

Now I guess, the remaining 20% will be those who think “No matter what, I want to get this done” Then welcome to this world. You have just stepped to become a programmer.

Let’s start with my own experience. I was having a computer since I was in 4th Grade. That time I just knew to download couple of things and waste my internet on that. I saw my first (actual, not like HTML) programming language when I entered in First year of Diploma. It was “C” although it seems now too easy I felt it thought that time. But as I searched for things that would make it easier on internet. I found couple of apps and websites which were really helpful as I was just wanted to learn basics of programming concepts.

After that programming became fun for me and I was also able to help my friends in it. And the teachers which were used to give codes for the problem now just have to say it. And the logic building started on my mind.

Since I learned my first language well enough I started to try different languages too. And this time the time required by me to learn 6 months was reduced half as the concepts of every languages are the same only the syntax changes.

After that I realized that programming not only maked the thing I wanted but also increased my thinking power through problem solving techniques.

Benefits of coding

  • It uses creativity: Every programmer can find a solution throught it’s own creativity
  • Problem solving: It helps us to create solutions for the given problem.
  • Team work: Sometimes you may get stuck at a point where you can’t see any solution. That time having other people around can help to solve the problem as we have so many people to think about it.
  • Confidence Boosting: After finishing a taks you feel like “If I can do this, I can do more such things”
  • Learn to learn: as you got confidence, you are always ready to learn more.

Now there are much more benefits of coding but for me they are the best. So if you got free time why not start coding. It will also help you in future if you want to go in the field of computer science/engineering or IT.

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If you are a beginner then start learning python and please let me know whether you like this post or not cause this is my first one, also comment if you would like a short post or a detailed one.

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