Which is Better Wix Or Blogger

This is gonna be by own opinion I am not showing any site inferior or superior. Its what I have experienced. So which one should you choose Wix or Blogger it depends upon you only.

So lets Talk About WIX first –


Free – You can create your site for free. Wix allows you to create your site for free without any trial.

Dynamic Templates – Wix offers many dynamic templates which you can setup on your site with one click.

Marketing Tools – Wix Offers many marketing tools like Email Marketing, Social Posts, Marketing Integration, Automation, Video Maker, Logo Maker, Business Card and More.

SEO – Wix offers SEO Tools which can help you boost your SEO ranking. You can also hire a SEO professional who will help your site to rank up.

App Store – From Wix App store you can integrate apps to your site, its like plugins in wordpress and widgets in blogger.

Receive Payment – With wix you can directly receive payment from your customers. You won’t need any 3rd party payment gateway to integrate.

Real-time Editor – If you have no know-how about coding then wix is the right choice for you. Wix offers real-time editor for your site. You can add background, add text anywhere, edit header, etc dynamically. You will not have to write codes to define path or have to check it is mobile responsive or not because wix do everything for you.


Limited Storage – If you are using wix without premium then there is a limited storage which they offer.

Custom Domain – You cannot setup your custom domain without premium subscription. You will need to buy a $29/month premium then you can add custom domain.

Wix Ads – If you are without premium then you will get wix watermark on your site which is quite big.

Custom Favicon – You can’t add your own custom favicon on a wix site without taking premium.

Limited Bandwidth – If you are without premium you will get a limited bandwidth on your wix site.



Free Forever – Blogger is an open-source for people who want to start a blog and earn without any investment.

Custom Domain – You can set your own third party domain in blogger.

Unlimited Bandwidth – There is no limit of bandwidth your site will receive its unlimited.

Unlimited Storage – Blogger offers you unlimited storage but max upload size is 100 MB you can’t upload a file which have a size of more than 100 MB.

Custom Favicon – You can add your own custom favicon on your blogger site.

Search Preference – You can optimize your own SEO with blogger. which post you want to index. You want to index your site on google or not. You have full control over your site indexing.

Custom Theme – You can set your custom theme for free. There are many premium blogger site theme available online.

Ads – You can earn from google adsense in blogger or you can use any third party ad-network.


XML only – You can’t make a dynamic site. Blogger only accepts HTML and CSS, no php, no js. So the site is not dynamic.

No Real Time Editor – There is no real time editor you have to write HTML codes and css to make any changes in your blog.


Well I have told you all the pros and cons of blogger and wix. Its upto you to decide which one to choose. Thanks for reading my post till the end.

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