Top 5 Sites To Watch And Stream Anime Online 2020

In this post I’ll be telling the sites where you can stream your favorite anime online. I have seen many people searching for good sites to watch their favorite anime thats why I am making this post to tell you how you can get anime easily.


Netflix is a site which gives you the best streaming service. Netflix gives you the fastest streaming server, you can watch anime in different languages. The only thing bad about netflix is its price. Netflix gives 30-Days Free Trial. I am sure that you will like its service but after 30-days trial netflix monthly subscription is too high. Well Netflix is best if you have enough money.


Well the next one is crunchyroll. The Streaming service is quite good, you can stream some anime for free and some will require a subscription. Crunchyroll is not completely free. You can use this service its great. You can watch anime for free but ads might get in your way.

CTK TOONS is a website which provides Anime in Hindi without ads. You can watch online and download anime in different audio but this site prioritizes mostly Hindi Audio. If you are from India and want to watch anime in Hindi, CTK TOONS is the best for you.


Many people already know about this site. Kissanime is a popular site where you can stream and download your favorite anime for free. Kissanime contains too many ads but you will get all new anime in dub and sub. Kissanime can be a good choice if you have no problem with ads.


I have shared 5 sites to stream anime online in this post. Well I hope you have liked my post.

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