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Top 5 Security Apps For Android

Today we are going to see Top 5 Security Apps For Android, Most people use only antivirus apps to increase their smartphone security but there are other useful apps that can boost your security. Most of them are easy to use and don’t use too much resources. Here are the best security apps currently available on Android.

T>Top 5 Security Apps For Android


LastPass is one of the best password manager apps out there. It lets you store site passwords, PINs, and other sensitive info. It’s all hidden behind a master password of your choosing. It’s infinitely safer than just putting that info almost anywhere else. It’s powerful and it’s cross-platform. The free version should give you most features. The pro version adds some features, some syncing options, and more. It’s one of the must-try security apps out there.

Top 5 Security Apps For Android

Find My Device by Google

My Device by Google used to be Android Device Manager. The name changed. However, the app still does the same thing. It tracks the location of your phone. The app can also play sounds for easier finding. It can erase your device data, and remotely lock your phone as well. I also really like the data erasing tool. It keeps you safe even if you never recover your device. This one is entirely free of cost.


nVPN is one of the newer VPNs on the market. It has one of the best free versions of any VPN with unlimited data at a reduced speed. Additionally, they have a strict no logging policy, a no sharing policy, and network encryption. You won’t get the absolute best performance. After all, free can only go so far. However, those concerned with security probably don’t mind waiting an extra second or two for a page to load if it’s secure and free.

Firefox Focus

us is a privacy browser. It’s essentially an Android browser that is always in incognito mode. It doesn’t log your activities for long periods of time. You can delete them at a moment’s notice whenever you want. It can also remove trackers and advertising. That way websites can’t see you there. The app is completely free with no in app purchases. It’s definitely more private than most browsers.

Google Authenticator

e a relatively newer thing in Android. they provide tons of security. It’s a two-step verification style. You enter your password and then enter an authorization code from the app. This is basically the best security for any account because a hacker is extremely unlikely to have access to your phone as opposed to something like an email address, definately try this one out.

These are Top 5 Security Apps For Android. If i missed any better apps, tell us about them in the comments!

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