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Top 5 Programming Languages Of Modern Era

In this post I’ll be telling you Top 5 Programming Languages Of Modern Era The effect of heavy digitization of world is not something one can ignore , programming interest has seen a huge surge in the recent time . For a beginner who want an introduction to the programming language which are relevant in these time , here is blog dedicated to the top 5 languages you can try out !

NOTE : these aren’t ranked in any sense

Top 5 Programming Languages Of Modern Era


Top 5 Programming Languages Of Modern Era

It is simply the most hot and versatile programming language . literally it’s possible to do anything using it ranging from scripts , web application , software development , network programming to Machine learning and AI. The vast range of libraries and easy to use syntax has always been a treat to programmer evident from the fact of having second largest no. of users.


Next on the list is our fastest programming language C , and with object oriented implementation C++. It’s extensive importance shines brightly in the field of competitive programming whose expertise is a major criteria for Job offers in corporate IT world . Also It is one of the language recommended to start programming and when combined with the STL and Data structures and algorithm concepts it simple becomes unstoppable.


No programming language can be complete without including JS in it.
Having the Highest no. of monthly active users is something of a great feat itself.
It works with HTML and CSS to allow businesses to create interactive sites, as most websites rely on the functionality that JavaScript brings. They are now embedded in some servers , usually via Node.js. They are also embedded in a variety of applications created with Frameworks, in short you want to develop some interactive and responsive stuff? go for JS!

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Here comes PHP which another popular general-purpose scripting language and is especially suited to web development. It can be embedded directly into HTML to create web applications. Getting equipped with object oriented programming in PHP 3 and improved in PHP 4 allowed it to gain further abstraction. The main plus points of it is being an open source extendible language with low maintenance cost and high relaibilty


Last but not the least comes JAVA programming which is a type of programming language working on the principle of “write once , make it work anywhere any no. of time”. It was basically designed to be easy to use and is therefore easy to write, compile, debug, and learn than other programming languages.Additionally it’s multi threading features of Java is mainly used for total utilization of CPU.

END NOTE : So this should give you sufficient Idea about different programming languages. Well then! why wait just get on with any language you like and start exploring the world of programming!

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