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Top 5 Games To Stream On YouTube and Earn Money in 2020

As you guys know nowadays gaming is a best way to earn money and follow your passion. YouTube is a best platform to stream games and earn money. Well For Starters if you want people to see your stream, you have to stream a game which is on treading nowadays.

No need to worry about which game to stream on YouTube to attract viewers because I’m here with a list of Top 5 Games To Stream On YouTube and Earn Money in 2020.

PUBG Mobile

This game was first launched in 23 March 2017 and still is a most popular game. I’ll suggest every streamer to go with this game as it will never let you get bored because every month there is something new this game to play.

To tell about this game in simple words, its a game where you have to survive in 100 players classic battle and the last one standing wins the game in there language it means ” WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER“.

Well You can also start with PUBG PC, PUBG PC lite, If you are a PC Gamer.


The game was first launched in 21 July 2017 and with every new season in this game, the games become more and more interesting to play and will never get your viewers bored.

It is also a Battle Royale following the same concept as PUBG that is last one standing wins the game.

Apex Legends

Being Released on 4 February 2019. Apex Legends is free and have became popular in a very short period of time. Well it is also a battle royale like Fortnite and PUBG. In Apex Legends there are different characters to choose they are known as legends.

This game is popular among PC Gamers. There is no mobile version of Apex Legends.

Call of Duty Mobile

This game comes with Battle Royale and Team Death Match. Well you all know what a battle royale is but Team Death Match is different its a traditional 5 vs 5 team-based combat.

Well Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale is not a popular one and it takes time to start a match. Call of Duty Team Death Match is popular.

Garena Free Fire

It was first launched in 20 November 2017 and Its a best Battle Royale for the people who are using low-end-Androids. It follows the same concept like PUBG Mobile. Garena Free Fire is a good choice for gamer’s with low-end-androids.


In this post I have recommended you Top 5 Games To Stream On YouTube and Earn Money in 2020. Well its for starters you can try other upcoming new games in android and PC. Thanks for reading our post.

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