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Top 5 FREE To Use Video Editing Apps For Android!

Today I’ll be showing Top 5 FREE To Use Video Editing Apps For Android!, Guys here are some good video editing apps you can use on your mobile phone

Top 5 FREE To Use Video Editing Apps For Android!

Inshot Video Editor

This is a very simple and basic app. This app is particularly meant for social media it automatically selects the aspect ratio if you choose a social media app to share it on. Apart from that you can clip your videos, add music, add stickers.

But it has a watermark issue but you can simply remove it by watching an add. You can also go for the pro version, but it is a bit expensive so the pro version is not particularly recommended.

Youcut Video EditorYoucut Video Editor

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This app is pretty similar to inshot. You can trim the videos and remove the music. You can also select a particular aspect ratio. Another thing i like about it is that it comes with in-app purchase which is actually a one time purchase so you don’t have to pay for it regularly like other apps.

Top 5 FREE To Use Video Editing Apps For Android!

The purchase unblock all of the settings, but even in the free version there are a lot of things you can do to make your video as amazing as you want it to be. And don’t worry guys there are no watermark even in the free version.

Action Director

>Action Directorpowerful app. If you are really looking for an editor in which you can trim, zoom in, add transitions, add different videos this is the app for you. But it also comes with a watermark but it can be simply removed by watching an ad.

Now you won’t get the option directly you have to go to the payment tab and you have to close it again by clicking the cross at the corner and it will now give you the option to remove the watermark by watching an ad. Apart from that it is a really good app you can get some professional level settings but again it can’t be compared to the PC editing output but it’s great for a mobile.

Filmora Go EditionFilmora Go Edition

the best video editing software. Now comes the app where you can work on multiple videos at once yes it’s possible on your mobile. Suppose you have 2-3 videos you have to edit one after another you can add them all together to the timeline add transitions add different kinds of effects.

One thing to be noted here is that the entire app is on landscape mode and not on the portrait mode that we usually see. Yes this particular app is locked on landscape mode and there are some difficulties to use the keyboard and stuff but if you are the kind of person who isn’t bothered about these kinds of things you should give this app a go.

Adobe Premier ClipAdobe Premier Clip

one Adobe Premier Clip is free to use you can add videos, create projects and you can give them one touch effects if you want to change the filters there are lots of filters available you can just tap on them to add them to your videos. You can also add music trim the base out of it and so much more.

This app is really useful for the people using Adobe Premier Cloud because if you are working on this app you can also continue editing on the Premier Pro if your account is connected. You have to create an Adobe account to use this app which is absolutely free. After editing you can save your videos on your device without any watermarks in full HD.

So guys that was all for this post. If you have any suggestion please tell in the comment box.

You can download them from :-

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