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Top 4 Spooky Games You Should Not Play Alone

In this blog I am going to enlighten you guys about the “Top 4 Games You Can’t Play Alone“.

Top 4 Spooky Games You Should Not Play Alone

Resident Evil 7:Biohazard

It’s a first person horror game. The amount of exploration you could do is enormous. Which means you will have to do lots of puzzles. Resident Evil Bio hazard is in the top of our Spooky Games List/

So basically, the story in the game goes something like this; you play as Ethan a guy looking for his wife Mia after watching some clips suggesting that Mia is still very much alive, Ethan goes to Louisiana to solve the mysteries. His search takes him to a house owned by the Baker Family but he soon finds out that they aren’t very friendly.

Dawn Of Fear

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The story is about Alex, our protagonist. He’s returned back to his old home whilst trying to deal with his wife’s suicide. The pace of the game does hand you something brisk with very few story beats. Of course there are some cons about this game there’s a small amount of characters. Dawn Of Fear is second on our Spooky Games List

I don’t really feel spooked by. The story is kinda bland. Again there are lots of puzzle in this game. The environment does a pretty good job the house is well designed. The soundtrack is quite similar to that of Resident Evil and Silent Hill

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Hello Neighbour

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Hello neighbour is a weird one it’s pretty bright and colorful at time and it’s not so scary as a horror genre but it can really freak you out at times. Basically in hello neighbour you are trying to sneak upto your neighbour’s house whilst not getting caught. In-game AI is pretty well done i would say. You really get pumped up when he’s upto catching you that soundtrack and the environment it gives is really spooky. Other than that it’s more like a puzzle game than a horror game i would say. But it really gives you the horror feels so please try it out once.

Condemned Criminal Origins

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Condemned Criminal Origins is a dark horror game. At the time it was pretty unsettling game to play. You play as Ethan Thomas a crime scene investigation agent that works for the fbi. He’s trying to hunt down “Serial Killer X”. Your investigation takes you to dark and condemned buildings that are filled with people that have just lost sanity. They pop out of corners they jumpt at you and hit you with whatever they can find. The combat is pretty intense. There are also crime scene where you look for clues.

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