These Tricks Will Make All Types of Computer Faster and Smoother

Hey guys today I am going to tell the most common thing which everyone faces that is lagging of his/her Computer. I will tell you the reasons why its lagging and how to fix it. So without wasting time lets get started.

Tips To Make Your Computer Faster and Smoother

Background Processes

In most of the cases when we close the software it looks that it got stopped but in reality its always running in the background. This makes other software lag but now don’t worry we got a solution for you.

So to stop this you just have to search Task Manger .

After that you will see a tab like this:

You will see the software’s which are of no use and are running in background. Now you have to know how to stop that software. To stop the software you have to right click on that software and click on the End task to stop that background process.

Do the same thing with every useless task running in your background.

Stop the Startup Programs

The next problem that people face is the booting time of a computer. In Most of the cases it is because of the startup software’s. The Softwares which automatically starts running in background are the startup softwares. Now the question is how to stop that. To Stop it go to Task Manager->Startup.

Change The Power Plan

When you buy a Laptop or a PC in most of the cases your computer power plan would be in Power Saving Mode. The Power Saving Mode makes your PC lag while playing games To get the best performance you have to get your battery plan changed to High Performance which will consume battery faster but will give u a best performance.

To change your Power Plan. search for edit power plan

A Tab will open select Ultimate Performance.

Optimize and defragment drive

Optimizing you computer’s drives can help it run more efficiently. To Optimize and defragment drive right click on your any drive then click on properties. You will see this tab.

then click on tools you will get this:

click on optimize then select the drive. Then you will again see optimize button select your drive and click on optimize it will take 5-10 Min to get your drive optimized.


These are the simplest tricks you can follow so that you can make your PC faster & it really works if you are still getting slow speed, Please let us know in the comments below. We will help you for sure. Keep visiting Withwin.

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