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Reasons Why You Should Not Use Zoom?

Everyone knows about zoom app nowadays. Zoom App have got its download increased due to COVID-19 lock-down because zoom app is simple to use. It has crossed 100M+ downloads on play store and people are using it for online meetings, online classes, etc.

Zoom app is so easy to use that’s what makes it vulnerable. You can get the invite link and share it anywhere. There is no End To End Encryption in zoom app

What is End To End Encryption?

End to End Encryption means when data of a user travels to other user in encrypted form. No hacker can hack the encrypted data but in zoom app end to end encryption is not available so any hacker can hack your data from the server and sell it in dark web and they are doing that.

Many companies, government agencies and education institute have banned zoom app.

Google have banned zoom app for its employees and have advised them to use google duo and meet. SpaceX and smart communication have also banned zoom.

Singapore bans teachers using zoom app after hacker posts obscene images on screens.

Taiwan have banned zoom for all its government agencies, Taiwan NASA, The German Foreign Ministry, The United States Senate and The Australian Defense Force have banned the use of zoom app for their employees and members.

So if you are using zoom app now for your online teaching or for something else please stop it because no one would like to get their privacy sold on internet.

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