Learn How To Use Bot Designer Script in Glitch

if you are reading this, it probably means that you wanna know how to use Bot Designer script in Glitch or you want to know what is Bot Designer Script, So lets not waste time and get to the point. For the Android or IOS users there is an application to create a discord bot using very easy language created by app developer. Below given code is the example of ping command of Bot designer script

Pong $ping
This is the result of above code

As i shown you some example to make you understand what is BD script, In short you can say that its very easy to use.

So, first you have to go to the one and only and create a new hellow express project.

After you created the project, go to the server.js and clear it and paste below code

 const api = require('bd-js2-0')
const bd = new api({
  token: "token here",
  prefix: ["!"] 
  name: "ping", //Command name
  code: "<@$authorID> Pong!"  //HERE YOUR CODE

Paste your token and get started 🙂


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