How To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

As we all know. We can only attract more visitors if we have a fast loading speed of our site. Visitors don’t like to wait for the content. There are tons of other site with the same article. If your site lacking in loading speed then its a biggest problem for you but don’t worry I will tell you How to make Your WordPress Site Load Faster.

Way>Ways To Make Your WordPress Site Faster

1-P>1-Premium hosting Service

Premium Hosting Services like Blue Host, Hostinger, Godaddy & Namecheap, These are the hosting service which I recommend you to use to get fast speed for your site but Getting a premium hosting service can fix your problem or it will not. Its not that everything is up to Hosting Services. Hosting services have their different place but there are many other factors which can affect your site speed.


You should always buy a theme which is simple, responsive and fast. There are many good themes out there in the market which you can use for your wordpress site.


If your site is using more than one plugin which performs the same function then you should remove those extra plugins. More the plugins in your site, more your site will load. If you have disabled theme in your database but you have not deleted them, then you should delete them, Dont create a high load on your site.

4-O>4-Optimize Images

There are many plugins out there which can be used to optimize your thumbnails and images in your post with single click. I highly recommend you to use WP Smush. Wp Smush is a free and paid plugin. You can use limited features in Free one but Paid will allow you to use all the features.

5-C>5-Caching Plugin

Use an effective caching plugin. Caching Plugins will drastically change your site load speed. I will recommend WP-Rocket its easy to use, Simple. You will just have to install it and get it activated it will automatically get your site load faster.

6-O>6-Optimize Website in Cpanel

If you are using cpanel for WordPress then you have to go to Cpanel, Go down look for Softwares and click on optimize Website.

Now click on Compress all content & click Update Settings.

You are all done. Your site will start loading faster than usual.

7-O>7-Optimize Your Homepage

Show only five new posts in homepage this will make your homepage faster. Less posts in a page less content to load hence this will make your site faster. To get change the number of posts in homepage go to Settings-Reading-Blog Pages Show at Most change the value to Five.

8-R>8-Remove Drafts & Trash

If you have Drafts and Trash just sitting ideal get them deleted because Drafts and Trash are using your database space which will slow down the speed of your site.


I hope that your site would be running fast and you will be getting visitors. If you are still facing slow speed please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading this article.

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