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How to install Java on your Windows and Linux Systems.

Today we will see how can we install Java on our system.

Now Java is required if you are working with Android Development, Game Development or Software Development and sometimes installing it may show you some problems. So here we will see the right method to install it.

Install Java on your Windows System.

To install Java JDK you need to check some system requirements before

If you got a system satisfying the minimum requirements then you are good to go.

Downloading JDK

  1. Visit the Java’s official site Here
  2. Scroll down till you see the Java section.
  3. Choose the version you want. (Java SE recommend)
  4. Choose the JDK version of your choice or the latest one.
  5. Click on JDK Download.
  6. Choose the file depending on your operating system as shown in below image. In this case Windows.
  7. Click on the Checkbox appeared and press download.
Install Java
Java 14 License Agreement


  1. After downloading launch the application .exe file.

    2. The following JDK installation wizard will be displayed. Click Next.

Install Java

3.     Change the location of installation of you want. By default it will go to C:\Program Files\Java\

Click Next.

4.     The JDK installation process begins.

5. After that it shows the successful installation screen.


Setting up the Path:

To set the path of JDK navigate to Right Click -> My Computer(This PC) -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings.

Then select the Environmental Variable button.

After that find a variable name PATH and click on Edit or just double click it and Add a New value.

Go to you Installation folder where you installed JDK and navigate to bin folder in it. Eg. C:\Programming Files\Java\jdk-14\bin

Now paste this path in the newly ceated value.

Finally test The java by launching the console (CMD) and type

And press enter.

Install Java on your Linux System

Install JRE in Ubuntu and Linux

Open terminal and use the following command to install JRE:

sudo apt install default-jre

This will install the latest JRE available

Install JDK in Ubuntu and Linux

Open terminal and use the following command to install JDK:

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install openjdk-14-jdk

the first line will update the repository.

The second line will start the installation process.

If you have asked for the disk permission press “y” in that case.

Testing the installation status:

If java is successfully installed Type this in your terminal

java --version

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Java on your system. Now if you want you can also install Java on your Android device. You don’t need any kind of JDK or JRE for that and it’s way too simple.

Just install the following app


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Images above are taken Tutorial24x7

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