How to Get Your Blogger Site Indexed on Google Search Engine

I have been making many post on blogger and this post in about how you can index your blogger site on google search engine. If you want google ad sense enabled on your blogger site you have to get organic traffic and to get organic traffic you have to get indexed on google search engine.

If you want your blogger site sitemap then just add this to yourdomain/sitemap.xml/ you will get the sitemap of your blogger site.

Now lets go to Google Search Console. and click on Add Property

Now you have two ways by which you can verify your domain. We will be verifying our site by both the methods.

Lets verify our site my our domain name provider. I mean by DNS verification. Enter your domain in the domain section and click on continue.

copy the code and go to your domain name provider and under the DNS section add a TXT record, Name it as @ and paste the google code in content.

click on add record. After 5-10 min click on verifiy button on google search console. You will get your site verified and you will be able see your site stats.

Now lets verify our site with the next method this is for those who were not able to verify there site with DNS method.

Click on continue and now choose HTML Tag and copy the html code.

Go to your blogger site panel and click on theme section. Click on edit HTML

paste the codes in the <head> section as shown in the screen-shot. Click on save.

Go to google search console and click on verify button.

You account will get verified.

Now go to sitemap and enter the URL as “sitemap.xml” and click on submit.

You will see success status after click on submit.

Now your site will get indexed on google search engine periodically.

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In this post I have shown you How to Get Your Blogger Site Indexed on Google Search. If you are still facing some errors please let me know in the comments below I will help you with it. Thanks for reading my post till the end.

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