How to get Dark mode in Whatsapp Desktop

Love to use Whatsapp on Desktop for productivity and efficiency? Unable to use it at night due to the blinding white background? You can now make Whatsapp Desktop dark with a simple node.js mod.

Note: There is no dark mode option given by Whatsapp. This is a node.js mod which can change background color of Whatsapp Desktop application.

To install the mod follow these steps:

1. Install Whatsapp Desktop Application for Windows/Mac from

2. Download and install node.js (download from

3. Download the mod from and extract it.

4. Run Whatsapp Desktop app. Now from the mod folder, run WADark.exe

5. The mod will run and modify the colors of Whatsapp.

6. That’s it!

Now when you open Whatsapp WA, the bright white background will be dark instead of the usual white.

Note: To revert back to original colors-

  1. Open Whatsapp Desktop.
  2. Run WADark again and enter Y to restore.


So this is how you can comfortably use Whatsapp Desktop at night with a soothing dark theme without having to squint your eyes or reduce screen brightness. Hopefully Whatsapp will recognise user demand for this feature and make it official.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Credits for the mod:

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