How To Fix VLC Media Player Issues While Playing MKV Files

Many of you would be suffering from video tearing or a green screen while playing a MKV format video file on VLC Media Player

1st Method to Fix Issue While Playing MKV File

  • Open VLC player
  • Go to preferences in tools section
  • Set show settings to ALL In bottom left corner
  • Now scroll through input/codecs option and in that scroll down to advanced section –in that Set FILE CACHING TO 600(initially set to 300)
  • And it’s done
  • This was the first method

2nd Method to Fix Issue While Playing MKV File

  • Go to Preferences-
  • On The Top Toolbar Click On INPUT/ CODECS Option.
  • Now In The First Column -Codec Settings.
  • Change The Hardware Accelerated Decoding To Disabled Option ,If It Is Set By Default On Automatic.
  • Now Click On Save At The Bottom

3>3rd Method to Fix Issue While Playing MKV File

  • Go to Preferences,Select All In right corner bottom As In Previous Post.
  • Go to Video CODECS– Then Double Tap On It A Drop Down Menu Appears
  • In That Select FFmpeg Option
  • In The FFmepeg –> in The Right Menu There Is A Option Named As = Threads
  • By Default It Is Set To 0 Change It To –> 2 And Click Save

4th Met>4th Method to Fix Issue While Playing MKV File

  • Go To Preferences In VLC – Set To ALL
  • In The Last Option Theres VIDEO Option –> In That
  • Select Output Modules
    • Change Video Output Module To Automatic.


    KV File Should Run Perfectly On VLC player Without Lagging, Glitches ,Green Screen Etc. If you are still facing some issue while playing MKV Files in VLC Media Player. let us know in the comment section below. We will try our best to help you out.

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