How To Fix ADB Has Stopped Working in Android Studio

I have been getting this issue for two days and I have finally fixed it, I will be sharing my solution to you guys. Its so annoying when you start Android Studio the popups for every time, its like loop which will never stop.

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Re-Install Android Studio

Most of the time the problem is not with adb.exe its with the version of your Android Studio. You should uninstall the android studio, download latest version of Android Studio and install it. This might solve your error.

Reset Network Settings

Actually Windows is stopping adb.exe to start socket server because somehow some antivirus or third party app has disturbed your network settings. To Solve this problem:

  • Run CMD as administrator
  • Type this command netsh winsock reset
  • Restart Your PC

This will solve your error hopefully because mine got solved.


In this post I have shown you how you can get adb.exe has stopped working fixed. If the issue is not solved please comment us down below we will help you in anyway we can.

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