How to Edit Video Using Videopad Full Guide

Hey guys today I will tell you how to edit videos in Videopad; All the functions, All the effects, How to trim, How to add audio, How to add text, How to add effects, etc.

Adding Video in Videopad

To add video in videopad click on Add File button as shown the image. Then choose any media file from the file explorer which will pop-up when you click on add file button. Then Drag and Drop the video in the time line.

How to Trim Video in Videopad

To trim Video in Videopad. Take the cursor of the timeline where you want want to cut the video and then click on trim button as shown the image.

How to Add Text to a Video in Videopad

To add a simple text to a video in Videopad. Go to clips and click on add text.

Now a popup will appear asking you to enter a text .

Enter the text and drag and drop that text clip in the timeline, shown in the image below.

How to Add Video Effects in Videopad

Select the video from the time line then Go to clips & click on Video Effects you will see a panel you can select any of them.

I will be explaining how to use all the features under video effects in Videopad

Crop a Video

Click on crop from the video effects. You will see a tab where you can crop as shown in image.

Create A Mirror Effect

Mirror effect creates a same image of any side you choose on the other side of the side you choose. For example you want to make an mirror image on the left to right then the left image will be mirrored to right side, Thats how it works.

To create an Mirror Effect in Videopad, Simply select mirror effect from the video effect. then a panel will appear you can choose the direction.

How to use Motion Effect in videopad

Motion effect is use to resize the video & rotate the video. You can rotate and resize the video at the same time.

To use motion effect go to video effect and click on Motion effect. A tab will appear using which you can change size and rotate the video.

How to Add Green Screen Video in Videopad

To add green screen video in Videopad and add a green screen file which you want to use. Then drop it in the time line some other video track dont do anything with default video track. now click on the green screen clip and from the video effect select Green Screen.

How to add subtitle to a Video using Videopad

To Burn Subtitle in a Video. Videopad is a great tool to burn subtitle in a video. To add subtitle in videopad. Go to export and click on subtitle.

Now load your subtitles and click on apply they will added to the video and export the video.

How to Convert Text to Speech in Videopad

This will convert text you write in an audio. Text to speech feature is mostly is used to narrate a video. To make a text speech in videopad go to audio section in videopad and click on text to speech.

Now a tab will pop-up you can write whatever you want and select voice or speech engine as shown in the image and click on synthesis voice, this will take some time and generate an audio file.

How to Export Lossless Video in Videopad

Lossless video export means exporting video without lossing the quality and size at fast speed. The lossless export takes seconds to export in videopad and is better than re-encode but there are some requirement for lossless export to use.

To export lossless video go to export and click on lossless video

Now a tab will open just name the video and you are ready to go click on create.


Thanks for reading this article. I will be adding about more features of videopad. If you are facing some problem please let us know in the comments down below we will help you as soon as possible.

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