How To Earn Robux For FREE

How To Earn Robux For FREE 1

Robux is a virtual currency used in the roblox platform. In this post i will tell you How To Earn Robux For FREE

How To Earn Robux For FREE

Basically, is a website where you can earn robux by certain means i’ll be explaining them here;

Offer Walls:

How To Earn Robux For FREE 2

There are variety of offer walls where you can find the suitable offer for you to do they are pretty easy and some of them are pretty fun like quizzes and you get to experience new games while also earning robux.
Note: I don’t recommend doing surveys because they ask for personal info which of course isn’t a very suitable for the most of us.


How To Earn Robux For FREE

As you can see here, you can also earn additional robux by completing certain amount of offers when you reach the target you can claim your quest robux.
Note: Every offer counts if it is from the offer-wall provided by the site, even if it was a 1 robux offer.


How To Earn Robux For FREE 3

You can also enter the giveaway after you do at least one offer from the offer-wall. The giveaways are hosted every hour so be sure to check it out after you complete your offer.


How To Earn Robux For FREE 4

After you’ve earned your suitable amount of robux you can withdraw them by going to the withdraw section. Please note that the minimum amount for withdrawal is 5.
The process of withdraw is easy. When you write the amount of robux you want to withdraw they’ll give you a link to their roblox group you have to join the group to claim the robux.
You can also buy Giftcards if you want to.

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That is all folks i hope this helps if this one goes successful i will surely do another one soon please use this link if you want to support me:

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