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How To Develop Bot in Glitch Part 1

Creating a Discord Bot is a piece of cake πŸ™‚

Developing a discord bot is a very easy task. Developing a bot for discord is aloso a fun task, i am saying this from my opinion, idk about yours but i am sure you will also feel same in future if you learn discord.js. Today i am going to Teach you about how to create a simple ping bot in glitch by js(Java Script).

Le>Lets Begin With Creating Bot.

β€’ First you need to go in Discord Developer Portal.

β€’ Now click on new New Application Icon.

β€’ You will see this tab after you click Button

β€’ Type your bot name and click on create button after typing the name

β€’ Now go to slide bar and click on Bot option

β€’ Click on Add Bot Button.

β€’ Now Go to side bar again and click on Auth.

β€’ After than you will see check option. Check on Bot then scroll down

β€’After scrolling down you will see link. Copy it and open new tap paste it and invite your bot in your server.


Lets Start Developin>Lets Start Developing Bot.

ed to open glitch in your browser. Go to

β€’ Now click on new Project

β€’ After that you will see three option in tab, Choose Hello express.

β€’ Now you will see these files, if you did things right.

β€’ Go to server.js and paste this code.

const discord = require('discord.js');
const client = new discord.Client();

client.on('ready', message => {
  console.log('I am ready');

client.on('message',message => {
          if(message.content === '+ping') {
  'Hi, You pinged me?')
          } else if(message.isMemberMentioned(client.user)) {
          'How can i help you, btw my prefix is +')


β€’ Go to Developer portal again, and go to bot tab by scroll bar and copy token.

β€’ Now come back in glitch and replace Your Token with TOKEN

β€’ Time to install discord.js package

β€’ Go to Tools Option which is located down

β€’ Click on Logs after clicking on Tools

β€’ Click on logs

Click on console =>

β€’ After clicking on console type npm install discord.js

npm install discord.js

β€’ After this, Your bot is ready to go. Go to server where your bot is in and type the command which is +ping.

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