How to Customize and Add Custom Skin in VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is the most popular media player around the globe. There are people who don’t like the interface or the skin of VLC media player. Well don’t worry VLC media player is one step ahead from you.

If you want to know how to customize and add a custom Skin in VLC media player just keep reading this post till the end.

How to Customize VLC Media Player Interface

First of all open your VLC media player.

Now click on the tools and select customize interface. As shown below

After that you will see a tab which is know as toolbar editor.

You can customize your VLC media player as you want it. There is a select profile option where you can select already build style.

If you don’t want to customize it than don’t worry we still have one more feature where you can add a custom skin.

How to Add Custom Skin in VLC Media Player

If you just want your VLC media player to look good without making any efforts then VLC media gives you an advantage of adding a custom skin. You can get a good custom skin freely on the internet.

Well lets see how its done. Launch your VLC Media Player

Under Tools Section click on Preferences or use Ctrl+P.

Now under the look and feel section click on custom skin.

Now upload the custom skin freely available on the internet.

Here is a sample how my skin looks


In this post I have shown you guys step by step tutorial to customize and add custom skin in VLC media player. Well if you are still facing some issue with it please let me know int he comments down below.

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