How to Create MySQL Database in cPanel

As the name suggest I am going to tell you how can you create an MySQL datase in cPanel. Well its really simple, just read this post till the end you will get it in your head for your lifetime.

Creating MySQL Database in cPanel

Open your cpanel.

Now under the database section click on MySQL Databases.

Now under Create New Database. Name your database and click on create database

Now you will have to add new user. To do that just scroll down. Under MySQL Users you will find Add New User.

Now enter a username and password and click on create user.

After creating an user. Now scroll down and search for Add User To Database.

Under this section select the database and user you have created and click on add.

Here you can see your database and user tick the privileges you want to give and click on make changes.

Hooray !! Its done.


In this post I have shown you how you can create a MySQL Database in cPanel. If you have any issue related to this post let us know in the comments below. We will be happy to help you.

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