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How To Create Help Command Using Discord.js

If you want to create a good help command than you should i have good command handler, if you dont have the command handler and you reading this post then go first watch this – COMMAND HANDLER

Now go to main file like mine is index.js, So i will go there and if you followed my tutorials then you should also go to index.js

After jumping to index.js Type these code.

const fs = request("fs");
client.categories = fs.readdirSync("./commands/");

Time to Create help command , Now go to create file and create file with name help in commands/info/ .

You need some things to mention

const { RichEmbed } = require("discord.js");
const { stripIndents } = require("common-tags");

Now I am not gonna tell you whole holy shit by wasting your time, i am droping full help command code. See and use your mind to identify what i have done to create this –

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