How to Create Hard Disk Partition in Windows Without Any Software

Hey Guys Today I am going to tell you how to create a Hard Disk Partition without using a software. You can do the partition to categories your data in different drives. Doing Hard Disk Partition helps in organizing data.

To do the Hard Disk Partition Follow the Steps :

First of all search for Disk Management. After that a tab will open.

Right click on the drive in which you want to do partition. & select shrink volume. I am selecting Drive :D.

After clicking on shrink volume a tab will open. Write the amount of space you want to shrink.

after writing the amount. click on shrink. You will see a Unallocated Partition

Now right click on it & select New Simple Volume.

This will open a setup. Choose the simple volume size by default its the same size which got partitioned you can choose how much volume you want to use in drive the remaining volume will be in the unallocated section. After choosing your simple volume size click on next.

assign a drive letter to your drive.

After choosing a letter click next. Now change the name the volume by default it will be New Volume & don’t change other settings. Click on next

This will create a new volume that can be used to store files in your system. click on finish to close the windows

Now you will find that a new volume have been created.


Hope you would have made a drive partition. If you are still facing some errors please let us know in the comments below. We will help you as fast possible. Thanks for reading our article.

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