How to Add Your Blogger Site on CloudFlare

In this post I’ll be showing you how you can add your blogger site to Cloudflare. So lets get started

Go to cloudflare and make one account or if you have one already then login.

Then click on add site and add your blogger site URL

Select Free plan and click on confirm plan. After that you will be able to see your DNS.

Click on continue. Now Cloudflare will ask you to change your nameserver. You can change your domain name server by going to your domain name providers site.

I am using Godaddy. Let me show you how you can change nameserver.

Click on DNS and scroll down, find Name server and click on change button.

then click on “Enter my own name server(Advanced)”

Now you will be redirected to a tab where you can enter your own custom name-server. Now copy the name servers from cloudflare.

Paste it:

Wait for 10-15 minutes and then click on “Done, Check nameserver” in cloudflare.

Hurray. You are done now your site will be more faster and secure.

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In this post I have showed you how you can add your blogger site to cloud flare. If you are getting some issues please let me know in the comments we will help you.

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