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Getting Python 3.9 on Replit Easily

Getting Python 3.9 on Replit: It’s No secret that everyone loves Replit, probably the most widely used browser IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Have you experienced any limitations in the version of the language provided by Replit? Recently, I was trying to write a Tic-Tac-Toe bot using Discord’s Python buttons, which required Python3.9, which I did not have. 

I thought Replit had a 3.9 Repl, so I went to, but to my surprise, Replit still runs at 3.8x. I think this is likely because they do not want new bugs to occur with the relatively new Python 3.9. As a result of this, I had to somehow get the 3.9 on Replit. There were many articles with instructions that promised to assist with the installation, but none did what they promised or just took an absurd amount of time to complete. I nevertheless found a workaround so here I am guiding you through the process of installing Python 3.9 on Replit.

Steps for Getting Python 3.9 on Replit

  • Open Replit, Create a new Nix repl.
Getting Python 3.9 on Replit
  • Go to Replit.nix file and type pkgs.python39 (For Python 3.9) and pkgs.python39Packages.pip for Pip (a package manager for Python packages, or modules) in the [ ]
  • Now go to the .Replit file and change the run to python 3 and run it.

Using Python3.9 to the fullest now comes easy for you. Just go ahead and create Python files as usual.  Similarly, you can do it with Nodejs or another language. I would like to thank Yuichiro for bringing this to my attention!

Also join Ctk’s Discord server if incase you get any error and also if you really not able to do the process your self just fork this

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