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Easy Way To Get FREE Steam Games and Wallet Codes!

In this post I’ll tell you the Easy Way To Get FREE Steam Games and Wallet Codes! Yes, It Is Possible To Get Them For FREE!, You Just Have To Follow These Steps!

Easy Way To Get FREE Steam Games and Wallet Codes!


Easy Way To Get FREE Steam Games and Wallet Codes!

Basically, gamehag is a huge platform where you can earn gift-cards and many other goodies by writing articles, playing games, completing offers, or even by rating articles.
I’ll be explaining the basics of this site please read till the end.

Gamehag has virtual currency named gems
You can earn gems by various means like writing articles completing offers etc.
After you’ve earned enough money you can get the gift-card you want in the Rewards section

Soul Gems

If you complete the Gamehag tutorial you’ll get approximately 140 Soul Gems. So be sure to follow the tutorial thoroughly.


Gamehag Games Tab

You can earn Soul Gems by completing certain in-game tasks. Please note that the amount of Gems you can earn by completing offers differs in different countries, also the amount of game offers differs while in different areas around the globe.

I would say this is the best for Gamers because they can enjoy gaming while earning Gift-cards.


Offer walls in Gamehag

You can also do certain offers/tasks to gain Soul Gems again here, the area you live in matters. The amount of Gems gained by offers varies. If you get into any kind of issue you can also contact the support just under the offer wall.


Gamehag Mini-Games

You can earn decent amount of Soul Gems by playing mini-games but trust me it isn’t worth it it takes so much time and most of the times you don’t even get the Soul Gems. So it isn’t recommended but if you’ve free time you can check it out.

Writing/Voting Articles:

You can also gain insane amount of Soul Gems from writing articles varies on the reviews you get from around 1-1000 Soul Gems. But please refrain from spamming plagiarizing other peoples articles it is again rules and your article may not be published.
You can also vote other articles and you get Soul Gems for doing it it’s an easy way but please vote the article honestly.

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You can also stand in contests for games though it is basically a so-so situation i don’t recommend these but still you get Games/Items much much cheaper, and while you’re at i recommend doing these if you have enough Soul Gems to not to grief about losing.


You can also enter giveaways after you’ve gained enough levels. The amount of giveaways vary and the rewards also vary.

Redeeming Rewards:

Rewards Tab In Gamehag

Last but not the least after you’ve gained enough Soul Gems you can redeem your rewards from Rewards tab. The amount of rewards you can earn here are huge. You can also redeem a PS4 slim if you have enough Soul Gems!

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In this post I have show you Easy Way To Get FREE Steam Games and Wallet Codes!. I know nothing comes free you have to put in some efforts to get the free steam games and wallet codes. If you want a post on how you can earn more in Gamehag please let us know in the comments. If you think I have missed some point in this post, Please tell me in the comments I’ll be glad to write it down. Thats all I can write for today, I’ll see you in the next post.

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