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Discord Bot Designer Special

Well, I basically want to tell you some example codes of discord bot designer.

1-So first we talk about reply bot, it will just respond to our calling.

Now how you gonna do this? It is really simple 😊 . First you need to type stement which will prevent bot from mentioning user – $nomention , if you dont do this , bot will always mention you everytime you use the command. After that just type hi in command. So the code will be like picture that is shown below.

2-More like this we can make ping command, for that we just you have to use ping statement, it will you ping rating of bot. If you want to see code than here you go – PING COMMAND

3-Now lets talk about how to make some common mod command like kick, ban, mute, clear, etc

For this i will show you some dbd function commands that will help you to create command

$kick, $kickMention, $kickMention[Reason], banID, $banID[reason], $banID[reason;Id], $ban[…], $unbanID, $unban, $clear[…], $mute[role name], $unmute[role name]

These are some statement that will help you to create mod commands, So what about starting from easy command which is clear command. By using multiple statement you can easily do that. You only need to use little mind. Thats all

As you know we will use $clear statement to let this done , so maybe you all are curious about how we gonna put number of message we want to delete by user opinion. It is pretty simple 😊, we gonna use $message(it is use to take message of user like ex !hi how are you <= then `how are you` is message, anything after command is taken as message) .

Resulted Code




$title[Cleared $message[1] messages]

Our code is complete

4• Lets move up to kick command So, you have three optional statement for that command – $kick, $kickMention, $kickMention[Reason] . Work of all 3 statement is pretty same

I am going to create advance kick command so i am gonna use $kickMention[Reason] , In this you can kick member with reason. Code will be like …

Here you can see code

Now lets see the results

Here is the result when you use command

Lets check the audit log..

It worked properly!!

Here is the source code of kick command – KICK COMMAND

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