Create Music Bot in Glitch 1

Create Music Bot in Glitch

Every Bot lover loves music so i am, And everyone wants a music bot but don’t know how to build or create. You can take this post as example of a music bot which is a combination of many music bots.


Create Music Bot in Glitch 2

I am gonna guide you until last, If you got any error just comment 🙂

1 – First open Glitch project link that is given above and remix that project

2- Then go to config.json and Put your token and prefix. Now your bot should be online

Create Music Bot in Glitch 3

How To Host?

1 – Now go back to codes to index.js, Go to top and you will see this

Create Music Bot in Glitch 4
TYPE YOUR GLITCH PROJECT NAME, ex if project name is “Max” then “”

Now login to UPTIME ROBOT website, Add new monitor then choose HTTP option and add your glitch project result url. ex=

If the link of glitch project is not working try this –

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