Create Discord Bot Without Coding

If you do not know coding or do not want to learn then this post is perfect for you, You can easily create a discord bot in a minute without any trouble. You do not need to know anything about developing bot for using BotBind. Bot bind helps you to create a bot for your server in a small interval of time So, There is no need of coding.

How To Use BotBind?

BotBind is really easy to use, First go to , then click on Create A Bot. Then you will be redirected to Discord login page, Login with your account and you will be redirected to back. After that Give your bot name and follow other steps

After you give name and avatar , The website will ask for token then past your new Bot token and click on create bot. It can take few minutes to create bot but after that your bot will be created then you can invite it by using link given in website.

How To Use Addons?

By using addons you can let your bot use different types and amazing commands, In short addons will let your bot to use many commands

To use addons you need to install The addons and for that go Addons section – and choose addon and click on it after you do that you will see Install Addon option, Click on that option and restart your bot.


If you are getting an error or having any problem then vising Bot Bind official Server

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