Create Discord Bot in Android using discord.js

Hey guys, if you dont have pc and you want to create a good looking discord bot without using any bot creating website then you should real this whole document. or a post.

REQUIRED APP – If you want to create bot then you will sure needed a good node.js editor and for that i have a good one whoose name is Astro – node.js/javascript/terminal/code editor , Go and download this amazing editor or IDE.

LANGUAGE – We gonna use node.js and it allows you to interact with the Discord API very easily. It takes a much more object-oriented approach than most other JS Discord libraries, making your bot’s code significantly tidier and easier to comprehend.

BOT – We need a bot so we can code or develop it , If you do not know how to create bot then i suggest checking these documents will be good for you – Bot setup

DEVELOPING BOT – So we are all done with setup, now we gonna do real shit. open the editor and follow steps which are given below

1 – Click on this start button where arrow is pointing, Then you have to choose the folder where you want to save bot file, either you can create an folder of your bot.

2 – I recommend you to create a different folder to save a file of bot, so for that you need to click on New button.

3 -Now type your bot name or folder name and click on create

4 – Find that folder and open it

5 – After opening it click on select icon.

6 – After you do all the stuff that is written above, you will see this. Click on path that you see , name like – /storage/emulated/0/Ctk-bot, click on create file icon where arrow is pointing in image.

7 – Name the file as i named it index.js, you can name it anything you want, But you should not forget to add .js in last as it is java script file.

8 – After you name the file you will see things like this, to edit the file click on path that is – /storage/emulated/0/Ctk-bot in my case , then you will see file that you created.

9 – Now click on file that you created, As you can see there are four option at top which are Astro, MANAGE, EDITOR, BROWSER. Click on EDITOR option to edit index.js

10 – As you can see we are now at editing mode, So we will start developing bot from now on

// require the discord.js module
const Discord = require('discord.js');

// create a new Discord client
const client = new Discord.Client();
const prefix = "c!"; //Prefix of the bot
// when the client is ready, run this code
// this event will only trigger one time after logging in
client.once('ready', () => {

client.on('message', message => { //Listening for messages
	if(message.content === `${prefix}ping`) {
      	// send back "ping rates" to the channel the message was sent in`Pong - ${}`)

// login to Discord with your app's token

Try to understand above codes and do not forget to read comments, Paste your BOT TOKEN in last in client.login(“TOKEN HERE”)

Now we need to installed module that we just used which is discord.js and for that you need to go to terminal, Slide it up black bar which is shown below in image in your app to get terminal window.

Type npm install discord.js in the terminla, after you do this , terminal will start installing discord.js module. After that type node index.js , It will start running your bot, in my case my file name was index.js if you have different file then you should type that file name.

Bot is online 🙂

And its working fine


We gonna use Heroku for hosting, as it gives free hosting hours , For that you need to upload your bot codes in github with package.json file. if you dont know how to do that i will tell you, post will be continue from here – Hosting Discord bot in Android.

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