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5 Websites to download non copyright images for free

We all use the web and there are a lot of images there, but you cannot just go and pick any of the image you like and use it anywhere.
That is why, this post brings you 5 Websites to download non copyright images for free

What are Non Copyright Images

Non Copyright Images are in the public domain and not copyright-protected and can be used by anyone for any purpose. These can be freely used without obtaining a license.

You can use them for personal or commercial purposes without having to obtain a license.

With that being said, let’s move on to the websites


Pixabay is my personal go-to website when it comes to getting copyright free images.

It has over 1.7 Million copyright free Images, Vectors and even Videos which you can use and modify however you like.
The best part is that you don’t even need to sign up to download images.
All the images lower than the original image’s resolution are available to download without logging in.
You will need to login to download full resolution images, but it is free to sign up.

It even has optional image author attribution, meaning that you could also credit the original image author if you’d want to.

Visit Pixabay

Non Copyright Images
An Image from Pixabay


Unsplash is a widely used non copyright images website.
It’s contents are provided by many creators worldwide, and you can also submit pictures if you want to.

It has a great website UI design that makes it very easy to navigate and search for images

It allows the download of images without logging in or signing up, completely for free.
And the provided images are very high quality and resolution.

If you are not sure what search term to use while finding non copyright images, then Unsplash also has a category system where you can find images of a kind of category.

Visit Unsplash

An Image from Unsplash


Pexels provides free stock photos and videos to be used anywhere.
It has a pretty big video collection and if you want non copyright videos then Pexels is the place for you.

But it has a nice and high quality collection of images too, with a clean user interface it is very easy to use.

It allows for downloading full resolution images without any kind of login or sign up, but it has a much more varied video collection than images.

Visit Pexels

An Image from Pexels

Deviant Art

While Deviant Art is not a solely a platform for non copyright images, many creators share non copyright images there.

It requires you to create an account before it lets you download images, but it is free and very well worth the time because many of the best artists and photographers publish their work on Deviant Art.

Visit Deviant Art


The collection of images on FreeImages is not very high compared to other websites, still 3,00,000 images are not at all low.
Despite of that, it has a collection of images that are mostly used and hence, you can find most of the images that you’d need to use wherever you like.

Like many other websites, this also allows download without logging in

Visit FreeImages

An Image from FreeImages


This sums up the 5 best websites you can use to get non copyrighted images for free.

I’d like to share one thing which is really important especially when you are using these images for commercial use.
Always, check what the license of the website you used allows for the images.

And I cannot stress this enough, it may seem a hard task but you should always read the license. It will allow the use of these images without you getting into any trouble.

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