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Don’t miss these 5 website to create your app without coding

Didn’t you always wanted to build you own fully featured app but the lack of coding knowledge expertise limit your capability . Thankfully website platforms are recognizing this need and have grown much larger in this area in last few years, which is exactly your need to create your own app and so here I am about to list these 5 professional website which will definitely fulfill the purpose.


Why prefer these website over coding from scratch?

Many times the hard work put on to code from the beginning becomes too much to build a simple app. In case if you are thinking to hire a developer for your need it would prove to be much more expensive. Additionally the maintenance, deployment and infrastructure are another general issues comes in our way.

Hence I am about to show you these 5 Alluring website through which you can create your own app without the need to code


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It is probably the most widely used and oldest app creating platform. The apps built on AppyPie are compatible with most of the devices including iOS, Android and Windows. The simple drag and drop feature along with point and click and entry work adds new definition to simplicity.


  • Send Push Notifications
  • Easy monetization of the app
  • Publishers get real-time analytics
  • Takes few minutes to get your app ready
  • Generic User interactive interface
  • large pool of advance features to add in your app


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Kodular which was previously known as Makeroid is another alternative website for mobile app development. It is well know for it’s best free drag-and-drop feature and hence no worry about having a programming background.


  • Simple to learn, quick to produce
  • Direct option for monetization by Facebook , amazon , Admob etc..
  • Attractive Drag and drop interface
  • Active community support for your help


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Getting on with list Buildfire , who offers the best of both worlds, with high-end custom development capabilities as well as an easy, intuitive DIY platform. The simple, elegant drag-and-drop UI and makes it easy to build your own iOS or Android application.For the need of other demanded features it provides you with variety of plug-ins.


  • Deployment and maintenance are all done by their side
  • Does compatibility testing before launching of the app
  • Data analytics for your app usage
  • easy to use plug-in feature
  • Effective pricing for the service

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Andromo is another App builder which lets you choose from a dozen of features which are free to use after signing in to their website. It’s easy integration with media makes it to stand out from the rest.


  • Personalize your App appearance
  • Sharing of Books and Docs
  • Easy to add Audio, Video etc.
  • Claims to give 100% on add revenue
  • No coding background required


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It is probably most easy website to use on, which converts any web content into an Android App in 2 easy steps. Although one downside being that half of the add revenue goes to the company and rest to your side also it has limited pre printed layout of apps but what more to expect from a free feature website.


  • Pull content from web pages and other sources
  • No need for an SDK
  • 50% revenue model
  • Pre made app templates to choose one
  • Free pricing

From my experience I have listed out the most used and easy websites to create app without coding experience. Did we miss something? comment down below with what you have to say about it.

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