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5 best music streaming apps for your smartphone

So today’s post will be dedicated to the 5 best music streaming apps for android. Whether you are travelling in a train or stuck in a boring environment, chilling with music will always cheer up your mood . Online music streaming apps is what you need as you don’t need to download every song offline to play it, rather than you have the control to browse through thousands of music titles across the library to perfectly suit your mood. Even listening to music can give indirect/direct benefit to you as detailed below.

5 best music streaming apps for android

Proven benefits of listening to music

  1. Music hit our happy hormones and eventually lowering the risk of depression and anxiety.
  2. Music boosts you brain memory power and it’s learning ability.
  3. Direct benefits of sleep has been observed for music listeners.
  4. Your mood will likely to cheer up faster when accompanied with your favorite song tracks.
  5. Music helps to keep Mood swings like anger , loneliness etc to keep under control
  6. Medical benefits like decreasing surgery pain or even Alzheimer’s stability is somewhat benefited for avid music listeners.

Without delay let’s start our list of 5 best music streaming apps for android



  • On demand music from it’s giant collection of 50 million songs of various genres
  • It provides Highest quality of music available in the market.
  • Free as well as ad free premium version available with even more impressive features.
  • It’s recommendation algorithm is something which make spotify standout.
  • you can invite your friends to add songs to playlists and share the playlists with them
  • Available for all platforms including android , Ios , Android TV etc
  • You can save a song for offline listening later on.

2.Amazon Music


  • Integrated with alexa and hence you can play with your voice command.
  • Three kinds of services to choose from Amazon Music Free , Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • Personalized recommendations based on your listening history.
  • You can upload your own songs to the library although limited to 250 track.
  • Add free experience and over 40 million tracks to choose from for Amazon Music HD.

3.YouTube Music


  • You can enjoy music tracks and music videos in the same app.
  • Personalized recommendations for your favorite music.
  • Premium as well as free option loaded with adverts available.
  • Local Trending music for you.
  • Background listening , replay option as well as offline options and much more available with this music streaming app.

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4.Google Play Music


  • Offers high quality music quality of 320 kbps which is same as spotify.
  • You need a paid subscription to get access to 40 million music titles.
  • Paid subscribers automatically receive access to YouTube Premium (including YouTube Music) in eligible countries.
  • If the price it too much for you , you can always get family plan of 6 accounts for cheap access just like spotify.
  • You can even Discover whole lot of interesting podcasts too along with your music tracks.

5.Apple music


  • Apple music offers users an ad-free experience with over 60 million songs to choose from.
  • It provides many rare and exclusive content which are available in Apple music only.
  • As your music library is uploaded to your iCloud , you can access them for any of your apple device.
  • You can also enjoy apple Beats 1 Radio with it.
  • You can download tracks for offline use, get personalized playlists based on your mood and past searches.

So here we put to end our compilation of 5 best music streaming apps for android and there comparison of features. We included both of the paid and free with adverts options to you and now it’s upto you to go with any of them to suit your needs. Either of them should work fine, also let me know in the comments section which one do you prefer the most and why?

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