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10 Best Anime Series on Netflix in 2020

Are you bored this quarantine and want to chill out with some of the best anime series on Netflix. Here I present you with the top 10 new anime withe variety of genres which would surely entertain you to the fullest. From flashy animation to plot and fans service I have covered it all.

Anime series on Netflix

Disclaimer : Many of the mainstream and widely popular anime (like Attack on titan , Full metal alchemist : brotherhood etc) which is pretty obvious everyone has watched aren’t included in this list.

So here let’s start 10 Best Anime Series on Netflix

1.Devilman crybaby

Nothing would be better than to start an original Netflix ONA adaption of series based on Go Nagai’s manga Devilman. Although it is certainly not suitable for all viewers, but is one of the rare graphic action anime that has an incredible story to back up its own unique animation.

Watch here : Devilman crybaby


Who likes sitting idle in room with energy being drained out , well this anime series on Netflix will charge you up and make your adrenaline spike like crazy. It’s characters are amazing and go through such deep highs and lows, giving them great character development. this is a real sports anime that focuses just as much on the countless hours of practice as well as the matches, giving an authentic feeling to all of it with a good dose of comedy around every corner. There’s absolutely no way you should miss out on this one.

Watch here : Haikyuu


Kakegurui comes under the genres Mystery, Psychological, Drama, School and Shounen with a central female main character. It basically takes the idea of gambling and transform it into madness with its characters, setting, and ideas. However, does it live up its hype and worth watching? The answer is quite the Yes!

Watch here: Kakegurui

4.Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is all about self discovery and learning to adapt in a new way of life which is very strange to what you’re used to. The animation is one of the bests out there. The colours and the amount of detail in every environment is a pleasure to watch. The soundtrack fits perfectly for the series. My heart goes out to Kyoani studio (makers of this anime) who met a tragic arson attack that cost the lives of over 30 people working there. Definitely a must watch anime title.

Watch here : Violet Evergarden

5.Kengan Ashura 

You like animes with tons of fighting scenes, a few silly dialogues and well animated violent content? Lean back and enjoy this anime series on netflix, you won’t regret even one second. The 3D animations during fights scenes are used perfectly. The movements of the characters seem fluid and impactful. The atmosphere is fascinating and the fast-moving pace of this anime will incite you to see the episodes of the whole season.

Watch here : Kengan Ashura

6.The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. 

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is a Japanese Comedy anime based on the manga of the same name by Shuichi Aso. Kusuo Saiki is a high school student who was born with all manner of psychic abilities, including telepathy, psychokinesis, teleportation, and more. Despite having all these powers, Saiki faces all kinds of hardships and tries to avoid attention as much as possible. The story follows Saiki as he attempts to secretly use his powers to live a normal high school life.Indeed a fun to watch.

Watch here : The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

7.Kaguya-sama : love is war

What happens when a tsundere loves tsundere ? Will they ever be able to confess each other ? Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is an unconventional romance that is funny and cute with a lot of hilariously exaggerated scenes is indeed a much needed stress buster. In my opinion is one of the best rom-com anime ever you need to watch right now.

Watch here : Kaguya – sama : love is war

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8.Your Lie in April

It is a story about a piano prodigy who has lost his ability to play after suffering a traumatic event in his childhood is forced back into the spotlight by an eccentric girl with a secret of her own. This anime is a piece of art. The classical music and intense descriptions of what the characters experience throughout their musical pieces ran for quite a journey. Must watch to get a unique kind of experience.

Watch here : Your Lie in April

9.B: the beginning

B: The Beginning is another good original anime series on Netflix next to Devilman Crybaby. The  horror and mystery really resonates well with the series. This show suffers from a lot of things happening at the same time that you start to lose track of a few key plot lines. But it does not lose traction and the climax is satisfying enough to tie all the loose ends towards the end of the last episode.

Watch here: B: the beginning

10.Kaichou wa meido-sama!

It talks about high school girl Misaki Ayuzawa who is strong ,beautiful and aggressive towards boys. Each and every episode of this anime never fails to deliver lots of humor while still keeping the romance at a decent level.The dialogue is so well- done conveying a lot of emotions to the viewers from happiness to sadness to disappointment. I recommend this to any romantic out there who enjoys a good laugh and plenty of fangirl moments.

Watch here : Kaichou wa meido-sama!

This is all in fun pack for you to enjoy this holiday and chill out . In case some of the anime series on Netflix aren’t available for you , it must region blocked and might need a VPN for that case.

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